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Paper Products

 Plastic Cold Cup 7 OZ /207 ML (Dart)/100 Pcs
Birthday Candles -36 ,2 inch
Dart Five  Compartment  foam plates/125 plates
Dart Foam Dinner Ware 12 OZ Bowls (Dart)/125 Pcs
Dart Foam Dinner Ware 5 OZ Bowls (Dart)/125 Pcs
Dart six  Compartment  foam plates/125 plates
Dart Three  Compartment 9 Inches round foam plates/125 plates
Kachori  Tray /$1.99 Each Samosa
Krasdale Large  Aluminium Tray  / 21X13X3.5
Krasdale Large  Aluminium Tray Lid for  21X13x3.5 tray
Krasdale Medium Aluminium Oval Tray/16.5X11.5X2.5
Krasdale Small Aluminium Tray Lid/  12.5X10.5X2.5
Krasdale Small Aluminium Tray/12.5X10.5X2.5
Mirch Pakora /1.25 Each

Mirch Pakora /1.25 Each


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Nail Cutter (big)
Samosa  ($1.25 Each Samosa)
Samosa Tray (100 Samosa)
Wadki Foam Bowl 8 OZ / 140 Gms